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L.A. - Please Don't Leave

Written and performed by: L.A.
Produced by: Handbook
Mixed by: FreshNerd of 100 Akres

This is one of the first songs L.A. and I worked on once we officially started working on L.A. Lytes earlier this year. Once Handbook sent over the beat, the hook on the sample pretty much laid the foundation.

L.A. personified hip hop asking him to come back in the form in which she once knew. We wanted to put this song on L.A. Lytes but had to make the tough decision of leaving it off since it didn’t sonically fit in the direction we’re going.

For the mix, I approached it as I do with all of her vocals….clear and big. The song is a bit emotional so I wanted to capture that with her lead vocal up front and in your face.

FreshNerd - Showtime (Cry) [inst.]

Live Drums: Timmy Rickard

I found this sample in the dollar bin at this record shop on Ventura Blvd.

I can’t recall the name but when I got home and played it, it was one of those samples that was just too good to chop up into tiny unrecognisable pieces. You hear those horns??!? Yea, me too. So I kept it a straight two bar loop.

You’ll never You’ll rarely hear me do a straight four bar loop because frankly, that’s Diddy territory. And nobody likes it there.
King Boom - Cash Money Mane

Written and performed by: King Boom
Produced by: Freshnerd of 100 Akres

I really need to remember how I come across folks but whatever. Me and Boom linked up and I sent him this beat I’ve been holding for the right MC for the last 6 years. No really, I made this beat in ’06. Timeless is timeless.

He wrote this song quick. I mean in a 'couple of days and sent back to me' quick and its been my sh*t ever since. His unique style fits the beat effortlessly as the beat is pretty retarded. I actually added an Asian girl vocal in there that says “Diddy” and till this day, I don’t know why I put that in there.
I also layered 6 or 7 snares. I usually layer a lot but 7 snares is a bit OD (for me at least). I think I was probably playing around to see how many snares I can layer before it sounds ridiculous.

Funny how the most inventive things come about from experimenting/playing around.

Oh, and if you were wondering where the outro came from:

FreshNerd - Bun [inst.]

I submitted this beat(**) to participate in a beat battle that was taking place in France. I thought the beat was dope....but they didn't. So I wasn't chosen to take part in the reindeer games.

Listening back to it now, maybe it wasn't dope. I think I could of done better but perhaps that was my best at that point in time on that given day.

**the sample was picked by the competition organisers and had to be used in the submission
FreshNerd - Throwin' TVs [inst.]

The chop on this one is pretty sick. I had to take three different pieces to make it fit into a two bar loop. It doesn't really sound like a chop is what makes this one special in my heart.

This beat was originally on my Ugly Boombox cassette release but I finished it up, stretched it out and added my favorite Prodigy line from "Keep It Thoro".
Joose ft. Signif - Real Talk

Written and performed by: Joose & Signif
Produced by: Joose & FreshNerd of 100 Akres
Piano: Sigala

I forgot how Joose and I started working together. It just happened. One day he sent me a demo to one of the beats off the Whitney Houston Beat Tape and that sh*t was dope to say the least. It turns out he was just sending it for me to listen and give feedback but I thought he was sending it for me to finish and put out (my bad dawg).

So I called up the homie Sigala and had him play a piano solo. I love solos. There aren’t enough solos in hip hop. People rap too much. Anyway, he laced the piano solo as you can hear and I sent the record to one of my favourite collaborators, Signif. She sent it back and the result? The song got us a post on as well as Two publications that I’d never been on before. Win.
FreshNerd – Hey Chico! [instrumental]

Shoutout to the big homie over at He suggested I do a Napoleon Dynamite beat tape as part of my beat tape series.

I’m wondering how I hadn’t thought of this until he mentioned it as the idea made perfect sense. I mean, Napoleon embodies the ultimate nerd and the soundtrack to the movie was weird and 80′s.

I started working on the beats but later scrapped the idea of the tape altogether. It didn’t feel right. Not sure why it didn’t feel right, but I abandon ideas the minute they feel wrong.

This beat was the only one that didn’t make its way to the Mac’s recycle bin. Actually, this beat was an accident. I was messing with some drum loops and had stacked a bunch of drums on top of each other but forgot to mute the other tracks. And the result is this…
Pretty crazy.
Just Jay - Hongry

Written and performed by: Just Jay
Produced by: FreshNerd of 100 Akres

Chicago MC, Just Jay, released a project called Living On Borrowed Beats. He used two of my tracks and I liked what he did so reached out to him to do a joint EP. He was down to do it but the project never came to fruition.

This beat in particular was from the New Edition Beat Tape and is in my top 5 favourite beats Is that cocky? My bad.
LaNiece McKay ft. cARTer – Can’t Get Over Him [2007]

Written by: Kiana Reese
Performed by: LaNiece McKay & cARTer
Guitar: Craig Banks
Bass Guitar: Dale Jennings
Produced by: FreshNerd of 100 Akres

Living in L.A. taught me many things. This song probably best displays all I learned during my 7 yr. stint there. Once I had the sample and drums, I knew this piece could be a properly produced song with the right elements. So I brought in everyone who I’d been working with for the past two or three years.

The live bassline was created in a way which it can stand on its on. It has its own melody. I like to create basslines this way with musicians as a lot of producers today will have the guitar do the same thing as the sample….which I find boring.

The guitar that appears sporadically in and out was just to add some flavor to give the song less of a loopy feel while still keeping it loopy (it will make sense one day).

Once longtime collab partner, Kiana, wrote the song….I reached out to LaNiece to sing and Houston MC, cARTer, to drop a 16.

Funny story: Kiana and I were going back and forth about cARTer’s verse because she felt he was a bit ‘harsh’ with his P.O.V. on relationships gone sour but I wanted to keep it because it was raw and real. It wasn’t sugar coated and the lines he spit are in fact how most dudes feel in relation to soured relationships. It was honest so we ended up keeping it.

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